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Evan Williams Bourbon Goes Fishing with

BassFan Patterns Game tests your knowledge each week.

Portland, OR -- Game on. eScapes and BassFan LLC launch a second edition of the popular Pro Angler Patterns Game on, sponsored by Evan Williams Bourbon.

Leveraging eScapes content management service (eCMS) and flash media integration capabilities, as well as, original graphics, animations, and soundtracks by eScapes, the Patterns Game delivers a one-of-kind experience for Members and Sponsor, Evan Williams. The Game also includes modular, interactive components for registration, account creation, login, a speed round, player standings, and an automated week-to-week countdown.

eScapes created original graphics, animations, and soundtracks to deliver a one-of-kind experience for Members and Sponsor.

About BassFan LLC provides the world's only daily coverage of tour-level professional bass fishing, is home to the sport's official World Rankings and is the world's biggest (measured in eyeballs) fishing web site. BassFan media also include syndicated weekly BassFan Radio and BassFan TV.

BassFan LLC, a unit of OutdoorsFan Media, operates media and membership businesses with offices in Portland, Ore., Bloomington, Ill., Mongtomery, Ala. and Califon, N.J.

About eScapes, Inc.

Established in 1993, eScapes is a full-service interactive agency that supports the design, collaboration, publishing, and management of creative content to the web, in print, and multimedia. eScapes has excelled in blending aesthetic and technical business requirements in developing innovative solutions to better serve a clientele of regional, national, and global companies.

eScapes invests in and applies skills across a wide variety of disciplines, including graphic and user interface design, information architecture, document management, project management, and marketing and communications.

For more information contact:

Louis Geiger
eScapes, Inc.
Email: louis.geiger (at)
Phone: 410-295-5395

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