Louis Geiger
President and CEO

Louis founded eScapes in 1993. A traditionally trained artist and designer, his background includes advertising, marketing communications, graphic design, business and systems management.

Louis has been an early adopter of digital media and web-based technologies, and has excelled in blending aesthetic and technical business requirements for diverse regional, national, and global companies.

The pursuit of new and creative service opportunities leading to the improved performance of our customers is the central tenet of eScapes culture and success.

Louis has led the innovation and development of web services focused on the creative process. Leveraging the web for project execution and management, eScapes has been able to improve and increase client interactions, speeding time-to-market and increasing marketing ROI.

Louis is a graduate of the University of Maryland - College Park, BS in Advertising and Design.

When not working, he enjoys time at home with his wife, Monique, and three children; Catherine, Bethany, and Louis.

Email: louis.geiger (at)

Identity Services

Every logo needs to immediately project the core identity of your organization in a way that is striking and memorable.

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